Athermal Strain Sensor (P/N: ALASS02)

Alxenses’s Athermal Strain Sensor ALASS02 is a Fiber Bragg Grating based sensor with a special design by cancelling the intrinsic fiber optic thermal sensitivity. It is designed to be embedded in the concrete.




  • Robust and high stability
  • Very low temperature sensitivity
  • Immunity to EMI/RFI

Athermal Strain Sensor Specifications

Athermal Strain Sensor


Parameters Values Units DataSheet
Center Wavelength 1510 ~ 1590 nm
Strain Range +/-1500 με
Accuracy 1% F.S --
Distance between two anchors 120 mm
Temperature cross sensitivity < = 2 (after installation) με/°C
Pigtail Type 6mm armored cable --
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 90 °C
Connector Type FC/APC °C
Diameter 27 mm

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