FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating)

Alxenses’s offers a series of fiber-optics products based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology. FBG is produced in optical silica fibers by creating periodic refractive index variations in the fiber core using UV laser light. FBG is an in-line optical filter and its reflection wavelength and spectral shape depends on the periodicity, length as well as depth of the refractive index changes of the grating structure. FBG exhibits very low loss and is low-cost compared to the bulk-optics counter parts. By altering the grating periodicity and refractive index change, FBGs for various fiber-optics communication and sensing applications can be easily produced.


  • High reliability and stability
  • High reflectivity
  • High side-lobe suppression ratio
  • Low insertion loss
  • Narrow bandwidth optical filter
  • Immunity to EMI
  • Multiplexing capability


  • Strain fiber optics sensor
  • Temperature fiber optics sensor
  • Displacement fiber optics sensor
  • Humidity fiber optics sensor

Both Acrylate and Polyimide coated FBGs are available.


Acrylate and polyimide are the two common coating materials for optical fiber. The polyimide coating withstands higher operating temperature (up to 300°C) than Acrylate material (up to 85°C).

FBG Specifications

    FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating)
    Parameters Values Units Data Sheet
    Wavelength Range 1510~1590 nm
    FBG Profile Apodized --
    Center Wavelength Tolerance +/-0.5 nm
    FBG length / Grating Length 3 5 10 15 mm
    Reflectivity >70 >75 >90 >90 %
    Bandwidth at 3dB <0.7 <0.7 <0.3 <0.3 nm
    Side Lobe Suppress Ratio (SLSR) >10 >15 dB
    Coating and Recoating Material Acrylate or Polyimide --
    Proof Test >100 kpsi
    Pigtail length on each side of FBG 1m / Customized length m
    Fiber Type SMF-28 compatible / polyimide --
    Fiber Termination Bare Fiber, FC/UPC, or FC/APC --
    Operating Temperature Acrylate FBG: -5~+80
    Polyimide FBG: -40~+300
    Storage Temperature Acrylate FBG: -40~+80
    Polyimide FBG: -40~+300

FBG Enquiry Form

For Customized FBG, please inform us your requirement on the following specification:

FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating)
Parameters Units Customized Specifications
Center Wavelength nm (1510~1590)
Grating length mm  
Reflectivity %  
Bandwidth at 3dB nm  
Side Lobe Suppress Ratio (SLSR) dB  
Pigtail length on each side of FBG m  
Connector Type --  
Coating & Recoating materials -- Acrylate or Polymide

FBG Ordering Code

Single FBG - Part Number

AL - (1) S - (2) A / P - FBG - (3) XXXX - (4) NC

(1) Product Type (2) Coating Material (3) Center Wavelength (4) Connector

S: Single FBG

A: Acrylate

P: Polyimide

1510~1590 nm NC: no connector

*Alxenses Company Limited reserves the right to make changes to the FBG products without notice.

For FBG and Sensor enquiry, please email to contact@alxenses.com