FBG Displacement Sensors (P/N: ALDS01 & ALDS02)

Alxenses' displacement sensors ALDS01 and ALDS02 are designed to monitor the extension and compression displacement respectively. Double FBGs are packaged inside the housing. One FBG is used of its strain sensitivity to monitor the displacement. Another FBG is used as temperature compensation. The sliding rod can move freely over a customized distance from 10mm to 80mm.

FBG Displacement Sensor ALDS01

FBG Displacement Sensor ALDS02


  • Two cables at both ends
  • Flexible in cascading several displacement sensors in one array
  • Customized distance
  • High robust and high repeatability


  • Positioning measurement
  • Geological movement detection

FBG Displacement Sensors Specifications

FBG Displacement Sensors

P/N: ALDS01 / ALDS02

Parameters Values Units DataSheet
Center Wavelength 1510 ~ 1590 nm
Displacement Range 10 ~ 80 mm
Resolution 0.05% F.S. mm
Displacement Accuracy 1% F.S. mm
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Accuracy 1 °C
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +85 °C
Connector FC/APC --
Material AIMg3 --

Displacement Calibration


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