About Us

Alxenses Company Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company that provides innovative FBG components for the fiber-optic sensing international market. Established in 2006, Alxenses is dedicated to FBGs and FBG-related products and aims to serve as a one-stop solution provider.

Alxenses has the capability to meet high-volume global sales with the support of experienced engineers and advisors with strong technical expertise. We are committed to serve our customers with superior products and technical support to help them to get the most from their research and commercial projects.

Alxenses has a whole array of advanced sensor products based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology that set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and operational efficiency.


Our capabilities range from the production of low-cost, high-volume sensors, to low-volume, sophisticated custom-design products. We have a good record of providing reliable products with high standards of quality.

Alxenses utilizes its strengths in sensor technology to meet the needs of worldwide markets. Our highly skilled sales and design engineering teams work with customers to provide technologically advanced solutions for the latest and ever changing market requirements.

Our products are well supported by a network of reputable agents who offer excellent levels of service and support.


To maximise our customers profitability and to give them a competitive advantage by providing technically superior and cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific need, and to support them with services of the highest quality.

For FBG and Sensor enquiry, please email to contact@alxenses.com