Athermal Packaged FBG

Alxenses's Athermal Packaged FBG is a low-loss narrowband reflective optical filter with wavelength drift of less than 0.1nm over the temperature range of 0°C-75°C. Negative thermal expansion material was to assemble the FBG package for temperature-compensation. The athermal packaged FBG is much less temperature-sensitive than normal FBG and is suitable for applications where optical filter with high thermal stability is required. They can be used as channel filters/blockers for DWDM systems as well as wavelength references for fiber sensor systems.




  • Low insertion loss
  • Low polarization dependent loss
  • Excellent channel isolation
  • Wide temperature operation range with minimal wavelength drift


  • Channel add/drop Multiplexer for DWDM systems
  • Wavelength reference
  • Wavelength locking

Athermal Packaged FBG Specifications

    Athermal Packaged FBG
    Parameters Values Units Data Sheet
    Channel Spacing 50 GHz
    Wavelength Range 1510~1590 nm
    Reflective Bandwidth @-0.5dB >0.2 nm
    Reflective Bandwidth @-25dB <0.6 nm
    Reflective Insertion Loss <0.2 dB
    Reflective Adjacent Channel Isolation >23 dB
    Reflective Non-adjacent Channel Isolation >26 dB
    Polarization Dependent Loss <0.1 dB
    Maximum shifted Wavelength 70pm from -5~+70°C --
    Fiber Type SMF-28 Compatible fibers --
    Package Dimension Ф12 x 85 mm
    Operating Temperature 0~+75 °C
    Storage Temperature -40~+85 °C

    Thermal Characteristics:

Athermal Packaged FBG Ordering Code

Athermal Packaged FBG - Part Number

AL - (1) AP - FBG - (2) XXXX - (3) NC

(1) Product Type (2) Center Wavelength (3) Connector

Athermal Packaged FBG

1510~1590nm NC: no connector

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