ASE C-band Light Source Module

Alxenses's ASE Light Source is an ultra stable light source equipment designed for applications requiring high optical power over a wide wavelength range. It has useful applications for DWDM systems, sensor systems and components characterization.


  • High output power (Max. +17dBm)
  • Excellent output power stability
  • Very flat spectrum
  • Compact Package


  • Spectral measurements of C-Band DWDM passive components
  • Noise simulation in DWDM systems
  • Fiber Optics Sensors
  • PMD Measurement


ASE C-band Light Source Module (1525~1565nm)
Parameter Performance DataSheet
Wavelength 1525 nm ~ 1565 nm
Spectrum Density > -4 dBm/nm (15 dBm typical 1528 nm to 1563 nm)
Spectrum Flatness < 2 dB (Pout <17dBm, with GFF), ± 3dB (without GFF)
Total Output Power > +10 dBm (+17 dBm, Maximum)
Output Stability ± 0.02 dB (8 hrs) 
Operating Humidity 5% to 95%
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70 °C
Voltage +5V DC
Output Connector FC/APC, others on request
Dimensions 150mm x 125mm x 24mm

Ordering Code

ALS15CGM - [Power] - [Connector Type]
Power Code Connector Type Code
+ 10 dBm 10 FC/APC FA
+ 13 dBm 13 Others XX
+ 15 dBm 15
+ 17 dBm 17

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