FBG Temperature Sensor (P/N: ALTS04)

Alxenses's ALTS04 FBG Temperature sensors measure temperature by utilizing the inherent feature of heat-sensitivity of FBG. The packaging is specially designed to make temperature measurement free from the influence of pressure, strain etc.


  • High temperature sensitivity
  • High stability and reliability
  • Stable performance in extreme environment
  • Resistant to electromagnetic interference
  • Ease of multiplexing for multi-point measurement

FBG Temperature Sensor Specifications

FBG Temperature Sensor


Parameters Values Units DataSheet
Wavelength Range 1525~1565 nm
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Accuracy 1 °C
Temperature Range -20~80 °C
Cable Type Ф3 or armored cable mm
Cable Length customized mm
Connector Type FC/APC or customized --
Dimension 100×Ф8 mm


The reported resolution and accuracy values assume the use of a measurement unit with a resolution better than 1pm and a relative wavelength accuracy better than 10pm.

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